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Congregation Albert 125th Anniversary Song and Video

Congregation Albert 125th Anniversary Song

© December 24, 2021 - Rabbi Joseph R. Black


In the shadow of Sandia Peak, a single tree took root

 Standing vibrant and unique, it bore exquisite fruit.

And one by one, the people came, to share that sacred tree.

With faith and love they all proclaimed: Etz Chayim Hi


Etz Chayim Hi  • God's Tree of Life - hold fast

L'Machazikim Ba  • Its beauty's in our grasp

Hashiveynu Adonai  •  Bring us back to You, we pray

Chadesh Yameynu • Renew our days

And storm winds raged and thunder crashed with dark clouds in the sky

But that sacred tree held strong and fast, a beacon from on high

And people kept on gathering, to envision what could be

With voices strong they'd pray and sing: Etz Chayim Hi


A century and a quarter's gone, in the blinking of an eye,

but our sacred task is never done, we work to sanctify

The promises of hope and love, that build community

We share our faith in God above: Etz Chayim Hi


Fri, February 3 2023 12 Sh'vat 5783