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 Online Donations and Payments 

There are many opportunities to financially support Congregation Albert's spiritual, community, educational, and social programs. Feel free to browse the many categories below. Your tax deductible contribution is welcome and needed. 

You can:


School tuition/charges and Member Pledge payments:

  Membership Pledge Payment July 2022- June 2023

  CASJS Tuition 2022-2023

  ECC Before/After Care Fees

  ECC Tuition 2022-2023


  Brotherhood Dues

  General Building Fund – Supports Maintenance, Repair, & Upgrades for Building Safety and Uses


  Category Funds – Other – Support any Category Fund-related need


                    Administrator’s Discretionary Fund

Cantor’s Discretionary Fund

Director’s Discretionary Fund

Education Director’s Discretionary Fund

President’s Discretionary Fund

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund



                    Archives Fund – Supports Congregation Albert Archives

                    Dara Kindler-Kaufman Fund – Support the Tree of Life

                    Goffe Memorial Garden Fund – Supports the Goffe Memorial Garden

Green Team Fund – Supports Green Team Activities and Building Greening

Security Fund – Supports Building Security Upgrades

Seligman Fund – Provides Flowers for Bimah

Other – Support any House & Grounds Subfunds-related need



                    Jim Grad Music Fund – Funds Special Music Programs and Needs

                    Kol Nidre Fund – Board-Directed Kol Nidre Annual Appeal

Levin Memorial Lecture Series Fund – Support Visiting Speaker Lectures

                    Library Fund – Purchase Library Books, Equipment, and Supplies

Moreh Alan R. Sims Hidur Mitzvah Fund – Support B’nai Mitzvah Projects

Prayer Book & Torah Fund – Support Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement of Torah scrolls and prayer books



                    Camp & Youth Fund – Support Sending Youth to Camp

                    L’Taken Scholarship Fund – Support Sending Youth to L’Taken Events

in Washington, DC

Levy Scholarship Fund – Support Sending Youth to Conventions & Israel

                    Religious School Fund – Support Sending Youth to CASJS

                    Youth Activities Fund – Support Sending Youth to CASJS

                    Sizemore ECC Fund – Support Sending Children to ECC

                    Scholarship – Other – Support any Scholarship-Subfunds-related need



                    CAST Fund – Supports Congregation Albert Student Theater

Cooperman-Beracha ECC Fund – Funds Educational Opportunities for the ECC

                    Friedlander-Keith Fund – Supports Scholar in Residence Programs

General School Fund – Augment CASJS & ECC Budgets, Programs, and Children’s Books



                    Chesed Fund – Support Attendance at Fee-Based Congregational Events

Family Promise Fund – Support Family Promise Programs for Homeless Families

Kern-Hayon Caring Committee Fund – Support the Needs of Members through Caring Committee Activities

Outreach Fund – Support Education and Understanding between Religious Faiths

                    Other – Support any Social Action-Subfunds-related need

Tzedakah Fund – Support Those in Need Including the Homeless, Disaster Relief, and Other Social Causes



          Cemetery Endowment Fund – Support for Cemetery Operations or Expansions

          Cemetery Fund – Other – Support any Cemetery Funds-Related Need

Cemetery Operations Fund – Support for Cemetery Perpetual Care including Landscaping, Utilities, and General Maintenance



Endowment Funds – Other – Support any Endowment-Fund-related need

James & Edith Rappaport Fund – Interest Earned Annually Goes to Support CASJS Scholarships

          Jewish Commiunity Foundation (JCF) LIFE & LEGACY Fund

          Kalmus Fund – Distributions Support Day-to-Day Operations

     This page is being reorganized, and we appreciate your patience. 





For those who prefer to donate or pay by check,

please drop by our office, or mail your donations and payments to:

Congregation Albert

3800 Louisiana Boulevard NE

Albuquerque, NM 87110

You may also call (505)883-1818 to contact our bookkeeper to donate by phone.

Fri, February 3 2023 12 Sh'vat 5783